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Which wine lover are you most?

  • Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay or Merlot?
  • Body, Alcohol, Acidity, Tannins, Oak, Fruitiness?

Free yourself from scores and snobbery. Whether you are an Italian wine junkie or obsessed with wines from California, we find the best matches to your taste from real artisan producers… and we’ve been known to turn more than a few members into wine aficionados.

Wine Selection

We select boutique wineries with a sustainable approach

Our Sommeliers are Picky: only 5% of wines make the cut.

Every wine goes through a judicious process with top sommeliers to grade quality, sustainability, and deliciousness. Your part is easy- just rate the wines you like, and we will send you more of the good stuff!

Drinking wine should be part of enjoying life – it should be unpretentious. We take away the uncertainty of trying new wines by only sending you wines that we would drink ourselves (we promise).

Thousands of other Americans are discovering new wines with Palate Club. Ready for the fun?

Blind tasting is part of the experience. We hide the labels before shipping so you can taste objectively.

Rate the wine in our app to build your personal wine profile. Your shipments are blind and ready to party once they reach your door.

Refer a friend and get rewarded with points that you can use on extra wine or to send our blind tasting kit as a gift.

Start with a Tasting Kit
Flexible Wine Delivery
Flexible Wine Delivery 2

It’s Easy. Flexible wine subscription service and personalized online wine shopping.

Filter our selection for wines that best suit your taste, or let us send you a wine box subscription with the best wines for your taste.

Your rules! You choose the price point, shipping date, and size of your subscription.

Cancel your membership at any time – No questions asked and satisfaction guaranteed.

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Wine Blog by our Palate Club Sommeliers

All of your burning wine questions answered.


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except it’s monthly! Now that the system knows our preferences every bottle is a new discovery worth having at a reasonable price point. Service is outstanding if there are any hiccups. Do it! My most complete endorsement, can’t go wrong.”

Malcolm H.

“Palate Club gives me a chance to discover new wines that I truly enjoy. I love having my own, personal sommelier broaden my horizon. Plus it’s really fun to blind taste new bottles with friends every month.”

David D.

“Palate club is fantastic. My husband and I have used for almost 6 months now. Every month we get stocked with new and interesting wine selections to try that we never would have discovered on our own – which is half the fun. It’s like having a personal sommelier that delivers. Highly recommend.”


“PC is an amazing service. Each month the wines get better, and I already found my new ‘go-to Zinfandel’ and bought a case of it. It’s my new dinner wine for everyday drinking.”

Gil P.

Why So Many Others Have Already Joined Our Wine Club?

The Most Reliable Wine Matching App

  • The best technology meets top wine experts to deliver you the experience of having a sommelier on your smartphone.
  • Each wine in our portfolio is tasted and graded by a team of sommeliers to identify its characteristics. Every time you rate a wine, we learn more about what matters most to you and use that information to send you the best wine for your taste.
  • Your profile gets smarter every time you rate wines, unlocking new levels of your profile so you can discover secondary characteristics that are specific to you! Get all the details of your palate. If you’re not a connoisseur yet, you will be soon.
  • Wine is just the start. We are working on personalized matches for food, spirits, and even food & drink pairings

Never Drink Bad Wine Again

  • You always get the best wines, because they are chosen for you with two layers: hard data and sommelier approval. We stand by our selections – if you don’t like something, we will replace it!
  • Our sommeliers have traveled to dozens of wine regions all over the world to search for artisan producers who overdeliver. We look for sustainable & organic wines from classic wine regions (Bordeaux, Napa, Burgundy…) as well as other-worldly gems that might surprise you (ready for a Greek or Hungarian wine?!).

We Play by Your Rules

  • We set out to make a wine club about you, down to how and when you get the wines. Choose your price, shipping frequency, amount of red or white…it’s the most flexible wine subscription service available.
  • Need to pause or cancel? No problem. No phone calls. No waiting on hold. Pause it directly from your app.
  • Non-commital? Build a wine profile with our quiz and browse wines based on how well they match your taste.
  • Free Shipping on orders over 6 bottles. Credit for wines you don’t like – no returns necessary

Blind Tasting is Kinky

  • …or something like that. But now that we have your attention, we can tell you how much our customers have fun with getting their wines shipped blind. You might be surprised by what you like when the label is disguised (c’mon, not every winery can be a marketing genius with their design!).
  • Once you rate the wines, all of the wine description and tasting notes are displayed in the Palate Club app. Or, you can just remove the tissue if that’s your thing.
  • Find your wine personality and share with friends. In fact, when you refer friends, you get more wine.

Want to Throw a Blind Tasting Party with Palate Club?

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