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Palate Club Wine Subscriptions Header

A Wine Lover’s Monthly Subscription Box

Get started with a blind tasting box of 4 bottles that will create a profile tied to your unique taste. Conveniently discover new, artisan wines matched to your taste profile!

What Is In The Wine Box

What’s in the Box?

What They’re Saying

Not only does the company make excellent vintages available for shipment, it also offers a matchmaking app that will find wines that best fit your taste profile.

That’s a great service for people who get frustrated trying to select from hundreds of wines at the local wine store.

For adventurous drinkers
who don’t judge a bottle by its label.

Think of it as a Netflix, but for wine.

It’s an ingenious idea.

If you’re joining a wine club, make it Palate Club.

Our Values

Your Own Palate Profile 1
Your Own Palate Profile 2
Your Own Palate Profile 3

Be a Connoisseur of Your Own Palate

See which traits matter most to your taste when you continue to rate wines from your subscription in the Palate Club app. Learn more about the regions you love.


Why We Use Blind Tasting

We send all of our wines with the labels wrapped in tissue so you can rate the wines without bias. Make it a game when you compare your profile with friends!

We identified 24 personalized wine clusters based on data from 100s of wines. Which type of wine drinker are you?

The Italian Grandmother 2
The Islander
The Boss
Provençal Perfection
Porch Pounder
Oversized & Opulent

Get Started with a
Blind Tasting Kit

1000s of Americans have already joined Palate Club. Let’s find the perfect wines for you today!

Get off-the-beaten path wines that match your taste and more trust in your wine shipments with a sommelier by your side.

Get your tasting box now!
The Blind Tasting Kit

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