About Palate Club

Palate Club is an app and e-commerce platform that uses international wine expert insight and machine learning to personalize a globally-sourced, artisan wine selection to your unique taste.

We offer customized online wine shopping, wine recommendations, and flexible wine club subscriptions curated to your palate with the help of taste-matching technology.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to help you never drink bad wine again with a personalized, hassle free wine experience that suits your lifestyle and teaches you about your palate.

We are on a mission to help you never drink bad wine again while taking the guesswork and hassle out of shopping for wine online.

How it Works

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Our wine experts travel the world

to find boutique wineries who practice sustainability and over deliver on quality. Palate Club sommeliers are picky – only 5% of wines make the cut, ensuring a well-curated wine selection for our customers.

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Focusing on taste

our expert sommeliers evaluate every wine against 200 traits so we can find out which wine traits matter most to you. We use machine learning paired with this data to perfectly match our artisanal wines to your unique palate.

Make Your Rule

Blind tasting is part of the fun

We hide the labels before shipping our wines so you can taste objectively. You rate the wines in our app to build your personal palate profile.

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Select wines that best suit your personal taste

Or let us send you a custom wine subscription matched to your one of a kind palate. You choose the price point, shipping date, and size of your subscription. Plus, you can pause or cancel any time hassle free in our app.

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Here’s the best best part

Every time you taste and rate wines in the app, your responsive profile fine tunes to your taste, guaranteeing more wines you love.


Palate Club started with a desire to take the uncertainty out of finding new wines to love and improve the experience of buying wine online.

After arriving in America by way of France, our founder, Nicolas Mendiharat, was intrigued by the convenience of America’s online wine clubs. He joined several only to be disappointed by the low quality, bulk wines hiding behind fancy labels. The poor value to price ratio and lack of personalization offered was equally discouraging. Hidden fees and difficult to navigate delivery options only made matters worse.

Frustrated by the low value and inability to know if the wines would actually match his personal taste, Nicolas saw an opportunity. He put together a team of data scientists to develop a method to track personal palate preferences and generate unique wine recommendations for consumers with the help of machine learning.

Combining his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for world-class wines, Nicolas began to search for the perfect team to help him create Palate Club.

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The Founder

Nicolas Mendiharat is an accomplished repeat e-commerce entrepreneur.

He was the founder & CEO of skihorizon.com, the largest online travel portal for ski vacations in Europe. He founded Recommend, a social media and data platform for personal recommendations. Additionally, he built Busresa, a yield management software for transports, and Totem, a student travel company.

Nicolas developed his passion for wine growing up in Provence, France before moving to San Francisco in 2015.

The Wine Experts

You can entrust your palate to our international team of wine experts based between San Francisco and France.

Our in-house sommeliers are industry veterans with over ten years of experience developing and managing wine programs for high-profile and Michelin starred restaurants in San Francisco.

As Master Sommelier candidates, they bring a vast knowledge of the world of wine to Palate Club. Leveraging their acute palates and comprehensive wine industry experience, our wine experts bring you sustainable wines with maximum value from the far reaches of the globe.

In France, wine experts Guillaume Puzo and Aymeric De Clouet consulted on the creation of the algorithm used in our taste-matching technology. Guillame is a renowned journalist who consulted on Le Nez Du Vin – a learning tool for wine lovers that captures the essence of aromas in wine. While Aymeric is the official judicial wine expert for the Paris court of law, who makes the final call to the authenticity of wines that may be counterfeit.

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Blind Tasting Kits

Tech & Development

Palate Club is a vision that requires excellence and understanding of both wine and tech.

Palate Club uses real data to deliver wines of excellent quality for the price, hassle free. This took a team of data scientists to code the wine traits identified by experts into a detailed and precise algorithm.

Yann Kronberg, acting Head Engineer, leads a team of 25 technology & application developers from around the world to create a product that is both responsive to data and easy to use. With over 15 years of technology management experience, Yann has successfully led multiple start-ups, creating premium AdTech & data products. Yann is native to France, but is now based in San Francisco.

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