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Palate Club is an app and e-commerce platform that uses wine expert insight and machine learning to personalize a global wine selection to your wine taste.

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92% of wine drinkers would like to know more about their taste and are willing to pay a premium for a personalized selection.

Tied house laws have led most personalized wine clubs to work from one parent winery. There is little transparency about where the wine comes from or how it matches the customer’s taste.


Machine Learning + Blind Tasting = Personalized Wine Experience

Palate Club is an app and e-commerce platform that uses wine expert insight and machine learning to personalize a global wine selection to your wine taste.

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Nicolas Mendiharat, the company uses blind tasting to analyze your personal wine ratings. Customers get artisan, hard-to-find wines matched to their taste profile.

The unique experience disrupts the wine industry by empowering each customer to drink what they love and discover new wine.

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How it Works

Just 3 Easy Steps!

Taste Wines And Rate 2

1. Build Your Profile

Order a Blind Tasting Kit and rate all four wines in the box. Your feedback tells us which traits are most important to your palate.

New Favorite Wines 2

2. Shop as You Please

Browse the collection to see which wines match your taste. Or, let us do the heavy lifting and choose a flexible & personalized wine club subscription.

Make Your Rule

2.Never Drink Bad Wine Again

Rate the wines from every shipment to unlock hidden traits in your profile & to get new awesome wines!

The App

#1 AOS ranking in Android for “Wine”
#1 AOS ranking in Android & iOs for “Wine Club”

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Easy subscription updates

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Blind taste & rate bottles

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Taste profile & recos

Taste Profile

This is Palate Club’s key technology, built with a comprehensive analysis of 200 wine traits. Sommeliers evaluate every bottle in the collection to gather objective taste-matching data.

Every time you rate a bottle, your profile gets more acute. You can see your profile and personalized recommendations.

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Your wine profile by Palate Club

A Growing Community

Palate Club’s customer base has grown 50% in the past twelve months. The company ships across the United States and is expanding to more states.

Palate Club in a Nutshell

  • Personalized wine shopping
  • Flexible shipping options – starts at $23/month
  • Two ways to onboard: Taste Quiz or Blind Tasting Kit
  • Every customer gets a personal “Palate Profile”
  • International wines selected by leading sommeliers
  • Focus on sustainable, artisan winemakers
  • Founded by French serial entrepreneur
  • Open to 24 US states
  • Unique blind tasting experience

Key Benefits

  • Find new wines matched to your taste
  • Fun blind tasting experience
  • Flexible memberships
  • Instant cancellations and replacements for bottles you don’t like
  • Artisan wineries (never bulk wine) chosen by Master Sommelier candidates
  • Earn fast rewards for sharing the experience

Leadership Team

Nicolas Mendiharat

Nicolas Mendiharat
Founder & CEO

Yann Kronberg

Yann Kronberg

Aubrey Terrazas

Aubrey Terrazas
Creative Director & Sommelier

Jennifer Estevez

Jennifer Estevez
Director of Business Development & Sommelier

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