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For Wine Drinkers of All Levels

These are articles for wine drinkers of all levels,
crossing a broad range of topics from food pairings to discovering wine regions and tips on tasting.
By Palate Club Ambassadors
Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.


For many, tasting wine is usually the most impressive part of the role of sommeliers. It almost seems like magic how we find all of the intricate details of the the weather, the soil, the oak, the specific aromas. Blind tasting takes some training and it can be impressive, but the key here is that […]

Sprichst du Deutsch? Decoding German Wine labels

A german wine label

Sprichst du Deutsch? In true German fashion, wine laws have been placed to make the system more efficient and less elusive. An entire guidebook to the bottle is placed on every label. Unlike the laxidative labeling laws set by the American Viticulture Association, theoretically you should know exactly what you’re getting into when you read […]

Tips for Planning a Trip to Wine Country… in Any Country

plan a wine trip

Since we began our journey as Palate Club Ambassadors back in November, Aubrey and I have traveled all over California and made a quick stop in Washington.  We leave in three days and will be gone for two weeks to our first international destination; Australia.  Our mission; to document different wine Australian regions through photo […]

For anyone who hates a grape: An intro to Terroir

wine's terroir makes it special

Have you ever said that you hate to drink a Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay? You’re not alone. Many people have had bad experiences with certain wines. We actually applaud you for drinking what you like (that’s kind of our thing!). But you know how you always hated that one vegetable until you had […]

Decanting vs. Aerating

Decanting vs. Aerating

You have a nice bottle of wine that you have held onto and tonight is the night you open it. What are some things you can do you make sure it is drinking at its prime? First things first, let’s remember there are no rules set in stone on how you should drink your wine, […]

Down the Rabbit Hole – Real Talk About the MS Exam

long hours of study to be a master sommelier

When I introduce myself to people with my professional credentials (Advanced Sommelier) I often get questions about what it’s like to study for the Master Sommelier Exam. This is a complex question to answer. People think it is glamorous to study for your Master Sommelier Exam; they are under the impression we drink champagne, talk […]

Yes, we are definitely drinking F*%$ing Merlot

merlot vines

Merlot shared its glory days with the flashy 1990s, the Clinton years, and a strong economy. People loved it because it was generous, bold, dark- albeit the style at the time was somewhat obvious. It became the darling of the casual wine drinkers and took over grocery store shelves. Merlot plantings, easier to grow than […]

Reflecting on My Future Retirement Home in Campania

wines in campagna

I touched on my trip to Campania briefly in an earlier blog about Lake County. Campania is the eastern coastal region of Italy set against the Tyrrhenian Sea. Campania is a beautiful and picturesque place and is most often remembered for the stunning white blue seas and cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.  I drove through […]

Something for everyone in Paso Robles

vines in paso robles

Seeking out new wines always requires an open mind. We too are humans and carry a suitcase full of preconceived ideas and opinions about quality and style. At the start of our venture to Paso Robles, California, we met vast, sprawling land scattered with easy-going towns and locals that triggered memories of my formative years […]