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For Wine Drinkers of All Levels

These are articles for wine drinkers of all levels,
crossing a broad range of topics from food pairings to discovering wine regions and tips on tasting.
By Palate Club Ambassadors
Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.

How the Price of a Bottle of Wine is Determined

The price of a bottle of wine is determined by the cost of grapes, land, labor, winemaking, packaging, shipping, and the distribution system

The wine in your bottle may have only cost $.50. It may sound like a rip-off, but of course, you’re not paying for the wine, you’re paying for the labor, the marketing, the transport, the taxes, and the bottle itself, which may cost more than the actual wine! Today we are going to explore how […]

Wine Critic Reviews: Do They Really Matter?

wine critics and wine reviews can provide a guideline for wine quality but can be biased

A wine review is an assessment from a wine expert that gives you their opinion on a bottle of wine. This usually comes with a tasting note and a score to help customers navigate through the large world of wine, as most of us can’t spend our days tasting through hundreds of wines!  Wine Critics […]

How Rosé is Made

Glass Of Rosé Wine

Rosé is one of the fastest-growing segments in the wine market, selling out by the pallet every summer. When you’re sipping on your pink wine on a café terrace somewhere, one day you might get curious about how the wine was made. Today we are going to debunk a few myths and demystify how rosé […]

3 Ways COVID Will Change the Wine Industry

Young Woman Wears Medical Mask Against Coronavirus While Wine Shopping In Supermarket Health, Safety And Pandemic Concept Woman Wearing Protective Medical Mask From Covid 19 And Buying Wine

Easier, faster, more approachable wine? Border lockdowns? 2020 has been a year! What does it mean for you and the wine industry? Online Delivery Let’s start with online delivery. Even in 2019, online sales made up a tiny fraction of wine delivery. Most people shopped at the supermarket, which obviously wasn’t a thing during the […]

How to keep your wine fresh: Wine Preservation tools

Keep Wine Fresh with These Tools

Your favorite wine is staring at you after a hard day of work. That glass of Pinot Noir would be perfect with the truffle pasta you’re making, but that little voice in your head pipes in and reminds you that you won’t be able to finish the bottle. So it stays another 3 months in […]

Five Summer Picnic Wines & Food to Pair With Them

Best wines for summer picnic

Hey Palate Clubbers! With all this warm weather in store this summer, we hope you’re making the most of the season and spending it outside with your friends and families. However, a great picnic needs great wine. Here are five fun and unique summer wines that are great for the outdoors, as well as some […]

What Presidents Drink: The First Wine Celebrated by Americans

Presidential History of Madeira

When you think of great wines in American history, there’s probably a few that come right to mind. You’re likely to think of the great producers of the Napa Valley in California, or maybe you are reminded of the successful wines of Oregon and Washington. If you know a bit more about older wine history […]

4 Light Reds for Summer: Alternatives to Rosé

Find the right red for summer

Rosé all day…and in the stores, at the park, in everybody’s glass- but is it always right at the dinner table? Rosé can offer great versatility for food pairing due to its inoffensive, approachable body. It’s never too tannic but has a nice texture and weight like red wine. It’s refreshing and fun, but not […]

Why is wine aged in oak?

Oak Barrels for wine

For years some of the most captivating and celebrated wines around the world have been aged in oak. Cabernets of the Napa Valley, Grand Gru White Burgundy, Bordeaux, Brunello… the list goes on. Consistently the most sought after rare wines as well as wines scored favorably by critics have all utilized oak aging in some […]

Champagne 101

Champagne 101

Hey Champagne fans, need a little bubbles 101? Champagne is one of those more tricky types of wines to understand, so here’s a quick rundown of a few styles of Champagne to keep a lookout for to expand your palate and amp up your sparkling addiction! We won’t go too much into detail about how […]