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Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.

Quarantine Wine: How To Stock For The Apocalypse

Quarantine Wine For The Apocalypse how to stock your cellar during coronavirus.

With spikes in COVID-19 cases this year, many people have started to stock their cellar as they stay at home more often. Bottles of wine were flying off the shelves at the start of the pandemic, but those who built their cellar already were sitting breezy with a bottle of Champagne. As ordering wine online […]

How Long is Wine Good For After It’s Open?

How Long Is Wine Good For

After you open a bottle of wine, how long is it good for? The short answer is 3 days. The real answer is, it depends a lot on the style of wine and how you preserve it. The reason wine goes bad is because after you remove the cork, the wine is introduced to oxygen. […]

How To Order Wine Online

How To Shop For Wine Online

As a result of more people staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, online wine sales increased about 20% in 2020, which is pretty outstanding considering the average annual growth before was around 3%.  It was so much slower before in part because we’re used to buying wine from a grocery store or local shop; […]

What is Clean Wine?

what is clean wine and does it matter? cameron diaz's clean wine raised questions about sulphur in wine, wine pesticides, and organic wine

When Cameron Diaz released her Avaline wine brand this year, she felt the heat for using terms like “clean wine.” The wine community trashed the wine, stirring up some controversy around what clean wine actually means and whether it’s only a marketing ploy.  It also raised the question for consumers—what the heck is clean wine? […]

Post Malone, Cameron Diaz & Brad Pitt: What’s up with celebrity rosé?

Rosé from Provence made by Brad Pitt, Post Malone Maison no. 9, Cameron Diaz, interview about rosé wine with sommelier

This year it seems every celebrity is putting out a rosé. Cameron Diaz released her Avaline rose and crisp white wine this year, which came under controversy for employing marketing gimmicks like calling it “clean wine.” Later, Post Malone’s Maison No. 9 wine from the French Rivera is marketed with Post Malone in a dark […]

Our Data is Shaking Up the Wine World: American palates aren’t what you think they are

Palate Club is a wine club that uses machine learning and data science to match wines to your taste. Best personalized wine club in USA

We have exciting news. It has been a fascinating year of wine discoveries and delights for us, and it is finally time to share with you some of the fruits of our labor.  The first set of surprising results are coming out of our algorithm, and the data is worth exploring. As a reminder, our […]

How the Price of a Bottle of Wine is Determined

The price of a bottle of wine is determined by the cost of grapes, land, labor, winemaking, packaging, shipping, and the distribution system

The wine in your bottle may have only cost $.50. It may sound like a rip-off, but of course, you’re not paying for the wine, you’re paying for the labor, the marketing, the transport, the taxes, and the bottle itself, which may cost more than the actual wine! Today we are going to explore how […]

Wine Critic Reviews: Do They Really Matter?

wine critics and wine reviews can provide a guideline for wine quality but can be biased

A wine review is an assessment from a wine expert that gives you their opinion on a bottle of wine. This usually comes with a tasting note and a score to help customers navigate through the large world of wine, as most of us can’t spend our days tasting through hundreds of wines!  Wine Critics […]

How Rosé is Made

Glass Of Rosé Wine

Rosé is one of the fastest-growing segments in the wine market, selling out by the pallet every summer. When you’re sipping on your pink wine on a café terrace somewhere, one day you might get curious about how the wine was made. Today we are going to debunk a few myths and demystify how rosé […]