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These are articles for wine drinkers of all levels,
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By Palate Club Ambassadors
Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.

Which Wine to Pair with Inauguration Day

Wine Pairings For Inauguraton Day

Between riots, impeachment, and a national divide, you might be feeling like you need something substantial to get you through the 2021 Inauguration Circus. The right drink pairing for January 20th needs to be strong, bold-flavored, and American. California Cabernet Sauvignon When I was first studying wine, my teacher—a sassy General Manager at a 2-Michelin-starred […]

Best Gifts for a Wine Lover

Palate Club Tasting Kit blind tasting kit to gift wine lover with four half bottles to create a wine profile

Best Gift for a Wine Lover Finding the best gift for a wine lover is notoriously difficult. We are picky people who love something complex, intimidating, and totally subjective to taste. When my friends and family learned how much I love wine, I started to get all sorts of knick-knacks, trinkets, and random gifts (most […]

Pie and Wine Pairings for a Delicious Thanksgiving

Pie and wine pairings

For food and wine lovers, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. A day dedicated to gratitude centered on sharing an elaborate meal with the ones we love. When that meal takes a whole day to prepare, every dish deserves a wine that can elevate it to the next level. Thanksgiving dinner is also […]

How To Drink In Moderation During The Holidays

Drink In Moderation For Holidays

It’s tough to drink in moderation during the holidays. From Halloween through New Year’s Eve, it’s constant celebrations with friends and family. Most of these occasions revolve around good food and good wine. We condone opening a nice bottle to celebrate, but it’s easy to get carried away during the fun (especially if you start […]

Vampire wines: Why do some wines taste like blood?

Best wine for halloween why wines taste like blood from italy, france, or spain due to volatile acidity or flavor compounds in wine that give it a bloody aroma, basically a vampire wine

This Halloween, I wanted to sink my teeth into something spooky and talk about why some wines taste like blood. This iron, metallic flavor in wine can offer a fun, mineral quality that adds allure and mystery. So, the bloody taste is not a flaw. It’s a flavor compound found in some wines, especially red […]

Quarantine Wine: How To Stock For The Apocalypse

Quarantine Wine For The Apocalypse how to stock your cellar during coronavirus.

Get your wine cellar ready for the next quarantine with tips from Palate Club sommeliers. How to stock your wine for quarantine!

How Long is Wine Good For After It’s Open?

How Long Is Wine Good For

After you open a bottle of wine, how long is it good for? The short answer is 3 days. The real answer is, it depends a lot on the style of wine and how you preserve it. The reason wine goes bad is because after you remove the cork, the wine is introduced to oxygen. […]

How To Order Wine Online

How To Shop For Wine Online

As a result of more people staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, online wine sales increased about 20% in 2020, which is pretty outstanding considering the average annual growth before was around 3%.  It was so much slower before in part because we’re used to buying wine from a grocery store or local shop; […]

What is Clean Wine?

what is clean wine and does it matter? cameron diaz's clean wine raised questions about sulphur in wine, wine pesticides, and organic wine

When Cameron Diaz released her Avaline wine brand this year, she felt the heat for using terms like “clean wine.” The wine community trashed the wine, stirring up some controversy around what clean wine actually means and whether it’s only a marketing ploy.  It also raised the question for consumers—what the heck is clean wine? […]