How to Remove Red Wine Stains

We’ve all been there. Dressed to the nines, we step dazzling into the holiday party [...]

How to Host a Digital Tasting

How to Host a Digital Tasting Just a few years ago, it would have been [...]

The BEST Sangria Recipe

The BEST Sangria Recipe When I was a sommelier, we would close the restaurant every [...]

Wine and Cheese Pairings Explained

While there are many pairings we love, wine and cheese truly is the ultimate match. [...]

Why Wine is Expensive: and why price matters

Why Wine is Expensive I didn’t come from a wine-drinking family. My mom only recently [...]

Chocolate and Wine Pairings to Make Your Heart Swoon

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Is Wine Good for You? These Are The 5 Healthiest Wines

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Best Wine Pairing for Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies season is an exciting time in America where we put off losing [...]

Best Gifts for a Wine Lover

Finding the best gift for a wine lover is notoriously difficult. We are picky people [...]

How Long Does Wine Stay Fresh? Plus Helpful Tools

How Long Does Wine Stay Fresh And which tools you can use to make your [...]

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