Wine Marketing Schemes: How to Spot the BS

Have you noticed all the new, trendy, “healthy” wine clubs on the market today? These [...]

Barossa Valley’s Legendary Old Vines

Barossa Valley in South Australia doesn’t exactly have the climate for quality winemaking. It’s hot [...]

How to Taste Wine Like a Boss

For many, tasting wine is usually the most impressive part of the role of sommeliers. [...]

German Wine Labels Explained – Sprichst du Deutsch?

Sprichst du Deutsch? In true German fashion, wine laws have been placed to make the [...]

An Intro to Terroir for Anyone Who Hates a Certain Grape

Have you ever said that you hate to drink a Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or [...]

Decanting Wine vs. Aerating Wine: Learn What Works Best

Let’s discuss decanting wine vs. aerating wine. This is a conversation I have often with [...]

Mindfulness and Wine: The Ultimate Sensory Experience

Wine is the ultimate sensory experience. One glass can simultaneously express history, agriculture, food, science, [...]

Real Talk About the Master Sommelier Exam

When I introduce myself to people with my professional credentials (Advanced Sommelier) I often get [...]

Yes, We Are Definitely Drinking F*%$ing Merlot

Merlot shared its glory days with the flashy 1990s, the Clinton years, and a strong [...]

Campania Wines & Planning My Retirement Home

I touched on my trip to Campania briefly in an earlier blog about Lake County. [...]

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