Wine Preservation: How Long is Open Wine Good For?

After you open a bottle, how long is wine good for? This is the biggest [...]

Paso Robles Has Something for Everyone

Seeking out new wines always requires an open mind. We too are humans and carry [...]

Lake County Wineries Offer Unexpected Gems

The first week of December Aubrey and I took a road trip to explore Lake County [...]

Zinfandel – America’s Sweetheart with International Origins

Zinfandel Oh Zinfandel… America’s sweetheart grape. This juicy red is up there with Cabernet Sauvignon [...]

Cabernet Sauvignon – The King of Red Wine

For eThere are thousands of grape varieties in the world of wine. Yet the noble [...]

Intro to Minerality & Vineyard Soil Type

Vineyard Soil Types Minerality is a conversational subject in the wine world. There is not [...]

An Ode to Syrah

Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is one of the world’s classic winemaking grape varieties. Why [...]

Sangiovese & Chianti Wine Through the Times

Chianti, once misunderstood, embodies the soul and history of Italian culture. The classic Tuscan red [...]

Biodynamic Wine vs. Organic Wine vs. Natural Wine

What is the difference between organic, natural and biodynamic wine? People frequently asked me this [...]

How To Choose Wine

Wine has the unique dichotomy of being considered a product of class and substance. Yet [...]

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