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Taste & Value

With 1000s of wine labels online, looking for new wines that you like can be a huge waste of time & money. We simplify the process by sending you great wines that are selected for your palate. … Read more

You never have to worry about experimenting with a new wine region or grape varietal because they are always selected for quality and always catered to your palate. Your wines should be as unique and expressive as you are! We deliver the best wines that are made with the individual characteristic of the winemaker. No matter what type of palate you have, you can rely on quality. Our house sommeliers, Aubrey and Jennifer, are picky when they choose wines from vineyards around the world because they know that you are too. Using their experience as restaurant wine buyers, they are ruthlessly searching around the world for the best wines at the best prices, looking far beyond monumental classic brands, such as Napa wineries or Burgundy domains (although those are in there too!).

Did you know that the average restaurant marks up wine bottles 300%? Our wine team delivers the personalized service of a restaurant sommelier without the mark up of a middleman. Normally a wine shop or restaurant wine list will have a higher markup because they must also pay for the markups from the wine distributor. Other wine clubs may act as a winery, in which they source second-tier grapes to create their own label. With our Wine Club you have the best of both worlds; we incorporate the personalized suggestions of a wine expert, the quality of artisan winemakers, and the ease of buying wine online that is delivered to your door.

Your wine drinking experience should be about discovering your favorite tastes. We believe that expensive wines aren’t necessarily better wines and that ratings from wine critics aren’t the most reliable way to select for your own preferences. We want to know your personal wine ratings! Our system frees you from always clinging to classic wine grapes, such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. We look for wineries outside the ordinary- we use French wine, Italian wine, California wine, but also Chilean wine, German wine, and Greek wine! We are your online wine shop for vintage wines, premium wines, and everyday wines. You can trust that whether you are ordering your red wine for a Tuesday night, or wishing to impress your dinner guests with top wines, each of the wines in your shipment will be hand-selected by wine experts.

The most accurate app to match your wine preferences

You can trust that the wines we chose for your palate are matched with accuracy because we use data science supported by wine experts to pair wines to your palate. … Read more

Our formula uses data fields with over 200 wine traits that were laid out by wine experts. Every time a wine is selected for our wine Club, the sommeliers enter a detailed profile of the individual bottle into the formula. Palate Club’s algorithm works by tracking the wine ratings that you provide based on your preferences for each bottle that you taste. Your preferred traits are measured against each bottle to find the best fit. When you order wine, the bottles are selected accurately based on the scientific makeup of your palate. All wines are shipped “blind” (i.e. in special wrapping that hides the label) so that you can experience them objectively and truly understand what you enjoy without any preconceived notions. There is no confusion about how to talk about wine- you just have to know whether you like a bottle or not!

What’s more, Palate Club gets smarter with every rating so every wine shipment gets better! As you drink and rate more wines, the wine shipments become more personalized to your taste and each rating that you provide will progressively unlock more levels of your Palate Profile in the app. Furthermore, the detailed descriptions provided for the palate allow you to become a better taster and learn how to best describe your preferences.

The User Experience

Palate Club is the most flexible wine club to date. Choose your price, shipping frequency, and whether to discover new wines or return to your favorite. No commitment- cancel anytime! … Read more

Many of our friends ask where to order wine online or which wine delivery companies are the best. We were often unsatisfied with online wine delivery, so we decided to create an online wine store that is as easy to use as it is reliable for quality.

Palate Club users will never have to call a foreign country to cancel or change a shipment. The app has a variety of different shipment options that can be adjusted at any time. You can adjust the level of variety in your shipments by customizing your shipment to discover more new wines, receive red, white, or both, alter the frequency of shipment and set the price of bottles. Shipping, storage, and service are incorporated into our price tiers, so you never have to guess how much your online wine tasting will cost.

We have made it easy to buy wines online; others that claim to be the “best wine clubs” often force the user into shipments that aren’t convenient or only feature a single winery or varietal, such as Pinot Noir. Our wine club offers not only customized wine packages, but a diversity of wineries and vineyards, chosen to match your wine ratings, and shipped to your preference. You call the shots. Currently, we offer delivery in California, but we plans to expand to the the rest of the US soon!


Talk confidently about wine with our interactive online content designed by wine experts and winemakers. Follow us on social media, check out our blog, come to one of our live events or host a blind tasting party with your friends. … Read more

You’re a part of a community when you join Palate Club. Here we make it easy for you to share a shipment with a friend, ensuring that your profiles stay specific to your tastes (not muddled like when your roommate mixes all of her rom-coms into your kung-fu flicks on Netflix). Here you have the added bonus of discovering your loved ones’ palates so that you can be the hero the next time you are shopping for wine as a gift. By the way, we make blind wine tasting parties easy to execute, as the wine labels are already hidden.

PWe do not see ourselves as part of a snobby wine society. We share real knowledge and unique tips about the best ways to serve and enjoy wine. We want your wine knowledge to flourish, so our experts have created blogs, a YouTube channel, winemaker interviews, photos, and wine maps: basically a cornucopia of tidbits to keep you engaged. Learn more about your favorite grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, or dig into the new wines that you discover, such as a Portuguese Tinta Roriz. Within the app, we feature the story of the winemaker and the region- never just standalone tasting notes! We know that our friends are already savvy and curious, so we want to share our knowledge in a community of wine lovers who want to be expert wine tasters. Learn to buy wine anywhere, whether at a local wine tasting in California wine country, at a local wine shop, or with us:).


Read What People are Saying about Us!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except it’s monthly! Now that the system knows our preferences every bottle is a new discovery worth having at a reasonable price point. Service is outstanding if there are any hiccups. Do it! My most complete endorsement, can’t go wrong.”

Malcolm H.

“Palate Club gives me a chance to discover new wines that I truly enjoy. I love having my own, personal sommelier broaden my horizon. Plus it’s really fun to blind taste new bottles with friends every month.”

David D.

“Palate club is fantastic. My husband and I have used for almost 6 months now. Every month we get stocked with new and interesting wine selections to try that we never would have discovered on our own – which is half the fun. It’s like having a personal sommelier that delivers. Highly recommend.”


“PC is an amazing service. Each month the wines get better, and I already found my new ‘go-to Zinfandel’ and bought a case of it. It’s my new dinner wine for everyday drinking.”

Gil P.

A wine blog by Palate Club Ambassadors Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.

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