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Post Malone, Cameron Diaz & Brad Pitt: What’s up with celebrity rosé?

Rosé from Provence made by Brad Pitt, Post Malone Maison no. 9, Cameron Diaz, interview about rosé wine with sommelier

This year it seems every celebrity is putting out a rosé. Cameron Diaz released her Avaline rose and crisp white wine this year, which came under controversy for employing marketing gimmicks like calling it “clean wine.”

Later, Post Malone’s Maison No. 9 wine from the French Rivera is marketed with Post Malone in a dark 3-piece suit and a glass of rosé. He says that “Rosé is for special occasions.”

A few years ago, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie partnered up with French wine industry powerhouse Marc Perrin to create their lauded Château Miravel.

So….why are all of these celebrities making rosé? This is perhaps the wine industry’s most ingenious partnerships. Rosé wine is booming right now, with the average price per bottle of Provence Rosé almost double what it was 10 years ago.

Crowd Appeal

When rose producers attach their name to an A-list celebrity, it immediately stands out and adds crowd appeal. Likewise, celebrities can attach their name to a style of wine with broad consumer appeal and a generous mark-up. Rosé is not easy to make (see our “how rosé is made” post), but is generally less expensive in production than say, top Cabernet grapes and new French oak in Bordeaux. 

Pop Culture

Rosé also carries a pop culture sentiment. It’s easy to enjoy without making things too complicated. And it looks great on a yacht. 

Winemaker Collaboration

Whether celebrity rosés are better or not is up for debate. It’s not necessarily a sign of good or bad wine, so it’s important to look into the winemaker and brand behind the face and see if that track record is something you can raise a glass to.


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