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Palate Club is the world’s first online wine club that uses data science to send customized wine shipments. We created an algorithm with the help of professional sommeliers and data scientists to track the minute details of each users palate preferences.

Our sommeliers travel all around the world to bring you quality, small production, sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines. So how does it work? After our sommeliers select each bottle of wine for our portfolio, they input a profile for the wine choosing from up to 200 smell/taste traits. A user rates the wine and our algorithms go to work to create a Palate Profile for them. After a Palate Profile is created we are then able to send customized wine shipments based on user preferences. Think of it like Spotify for your palate. No marketing tricks to make you drink poor quality mass produced wine and no BS quizzes that don’t mean a thing. We use hard facts.

Our delicious wines are also backed by flexible customized shipment options. We want our users to feel like they are getting Sommelier service to their door and to us that means being hospitable and giving options. Shipment frequency can be adjusted or shipments can be paused at anytime by adjusting the toggle bar in your app. No need to call a third world country or send three emails.

Affiliate Program Perks

  • Earn up to $30 marketing fee for every new subscription
  • X% revenue share on gift card purchases
  • Special coupons and seasonal promotional opportunities
  • Performance and bonus incentives 
  • Variety of updated creative
  • Opportunity to try Palate Club and receive a Palate Profile for FREE!

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