How To Order Wine Online

As a result of more people staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, online wine sales increased about 20% in 2020, which is pretty outstanding considering the average annual growth before was around 3%.

It was so much slower before in part because we’re used to buying wine from a grocery store or local shop; ordering online is tricky to navigate. You don’t have the personalized assistance that you’d get from talking to a wine specialist in person, you can’t feel the bottles or browse the labels. You sort of have to know what you want.

Ordering wine online does have its perks though: you can get good deals, find stuff you haven’t tried before, and those heavy bottles are shipped to your home! Here are a few steps to making shopping for wine online easier.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Shipping wine is pricey because of the weight and temperature controls. To help offset costs, most online wine shops have a minimum order for you to get free shipping. Be sure to check how many bottles you would need to order to get free shipping. Simply by ordering 6 bottles instead of 4, for example you can save $20! Even if you order a case, you’ll save yourself a lot of cash in the long run.

Talk With A Wine Expert On The Team

Check the accreditations of the buyers. They don’t need to be a Master Sommelier—even Advanced Sommeliers or someone with a WSET Diploma are in the top 1% of the world of wine experts. This knowledge always allows them to truly understand value and find interesting regions and grapes that overdeliver for price. Oftentimes, you can actually talk with these digital wine experts. Shoot them an email or send a message on the company’s social media page to get guidance from a wine expert.

Get To Know Your Tastebuds

The #1 thing that I can suggest to make ordering wine easier for you is to get to know your taste. If you understand why you like a certain variety or wine region like Napa Cabernet, Red Burgundy, or Pinot Grigio from Italy, then you can find parallels that offer tremendous value. Take time to learn a little bit about the structure and aroma of the wines you like so that you can more easily navigate around wine descriptions and find something fun!

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