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Frequently asked questions

Here is the list with the most popular questions and answers to them.


Palate Club is available in 42 states. This excludes Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Each confirmation email you receive for your monthly shipment will have a tracking number included. Couriers usually provide a more accurate delivery time and date.

Please ensure that your listed delivery address is correct under your account settings. An adult over the age of 21 with valid ID must be present to accept the package. If otherwise in doubt, contact us, or contact the courier directly with your tracking number.

We do our best to take into account current weather conditions to maintain the quality of our wines. Please reach out to us for temperature-control shipping options.

Wine Types & Selection

We currently offer red, white and rosé wines. Check back soon for our sparkling wine selection!

Tasting the wines “blind,” without any information about the bottle, allows us to get the most accurate snapshot of your true preferences. Blind tasting puts us in a curious mindset, so the experience is more engaging and fun to share. You might be surprised by what you like!

All over the world! Our sommeliers travel far to find unique, diverse wines. We favor artisan winemakers who strive to farm sustainably and respect their terroir to produce amazing wines at great value. Unlike other clubs, we highlight the winemaker and source finished wine, rather than importing bulk juice that’s finished in California.

How does the club work?

We offer flexibility in shipping. Shipment frequency can be adjusted to monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months. Simply press the “Change” button next to “Shipping Frequency” on your subscription page on the site or app, then choose the shipping frequency that works best for you.

We would hate to see you go! But, yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel, select the “stop” option under your shipping frequency on your subscription page. You can reactivate your account at any time by changing your frequency again.

Aside from the cost of the wine, there is no additional charge for subscribing to Palate Club. If you’re unsure about subscribing, we offer a membership for $99/year with the same benefits as a subscription.

Our subscription offers wines chosen for your taste to avoid the hassle of trying wines you may not like. You will have a chance to review and request changes before every shipment. Additionally, you can set up your preferences to receive more of the types of wines you like (such as more red or white). We also offer replacements for bottles we recommend if you find they’re not matched to your taste.

Pricing & Discounts

We strive to bring a fair pricing policy to top-quality wines instead of flashy discounts on huge markups. Nevertheless, we offer 5% discounts for half-cases of each bottle purchased and 10% discount for full cases, as well as occasional additional discounts. Subscribers always get the best available price.

Shipping is included for subscription or membership orders of 8 or more bottles. Please refer to our shipping policy for all other purchases.

Taste Matching & Algorithm – How it works

Working closely with both American and French wine experts and data scientists, Palate Club has used machine-learning algorithms to map over 200 descriptor traits found in wine and the human palate. With over 3 years in the making, thousands of wines tasted, and tens of thousands of customer blind tasting ratings, our model accurately calculates the affinity between each person’s tasting profile to every bottle in our portfolio.We’re proud to be the frontrunners in developing this advanced, unique tasting technology.

We want to give you the most accurate representation of your palate preferences as possible. The attributes between red and white are different, which is why we offer one blind tasting kit for each. You can update your shipping preferences after your initial blind tasting kit. You can start with either of the blind tasting kits or order both.

In addition to the suggested wine pairing for every bottle in our portfolio, following our blog for extra tips on pairings, wine service, and much more from Advanced Sommeliers Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas and WSET-2 Nicole Dickerson.

Absolutely! Palate Club wines are selected by expert sommeliers to ensure that the best wines are chosen at every price point. We firmly believe that experimenting with your preferences is intriguing for all levels of wine lovers, without any pretension to labels or social circles.

Social – how to share

Palate Coins are part of our loyalty program. You can earn Palate Coins by rating the bottles you’ve purchased on your Tasting page. Subscribers and members can redeem accumulated coins for free bottles of wine in their shipments.

Absolutely, we always believe wine is better when shared. Palate Club is perfect for hosting blind tastings with your friends, in person or online.

Palate Club loves to collaborate with digital or live events, respecting current safety protocol. Our team of sommeliers can help you create a unique experience with hand-selected wines. Please contact our wine buyer Aubrey Terrazas.

Profile & Privacy

We do not sell your personal information to any third party companies. We will never sell your tasting data, which may only be shared anonymously for research purposes.

Your profile is only accessible by you on Palate Club. You may share it with others through built-in social tools, but they will not directly access your profile, nor will it appear without your permission in any other media.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

If you have an active Palate Club membership or subscription and an unlocked tasting profile (requires 4 ratings of one type of wine), you qualify for our satisfaction guarantee policy. This policy applies to any bottle recommended by Palate Club through your subscription service or with at least an 80% profile match in the wine shop.

Please rate the bottle 1 star on the Tasting page through the site or app. This automatically triggers the satisfaction guarantee policy. You can also reach out through the Contact Us page.

For no additional charge, we automatically include a replacement bottle in your next wine shop or subscription shipment. The replacement bottle will be the same price as the original bottle or higher. If you would prefer a refund instead, please contact us immediately.

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