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For Wine Drinkers of All Levels

These are articles for wine drinkers of all levels,
crossing a broad range of topics from food pairings to discovering wine regions and tips on tasting.
By Palate Club Ambassadors
Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.

Yes, we are definitely drinking F*%$ing Merlot

Merlot shared its glory days with the flashy 1990s, the Clinton years, and a strong economy. People loved it because it was generous, bold, dark- albeit the style at the time was somewhat obvious. It became the darling of the casual wine drinkers and took over grocery store shelves. Merlot plantings, easier to grow than […]

Reflecting on My Future Retirement Home in Campania

I touched on my trip to Campania briefly in an earlier blog about Lake County. Campania is the eastern coastal region of Italy set against the Tyrrhenian Sea. Campania is a beautiful and picturesque place and is most often remembered for the stunning white blue seas and cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.  I drove through […]

Something for everyone in Paso Robles

Seeking out new wines always requires an open mind. We too are humans and carry a suitcase full of preconceived ideas and opinions about quality and style. At the start of our venture to Paso Robles, California, we met vast, sprawling land scattered with easy-going towns and locals that triggered memories of my formative years […]

Barolo & Barbaresco rule Langhe, Italy

Piemonte is a dizzying gastronomic haven, rich in everything of a gourmand’s dream- truffles, mushrooms, hazelnuts (RE: Nutella), ambrosic red wine, historical whites and sweet, sparkling Moscato that even the most pretentious vinophile can’t deny when served with a slice of Pannetone or a hot afternoon. My husband and I planted ourselves in the capital, […]

Santa Cruz Road Trip

Last week Aubrey and I left for our second Palate Club road trip to Santa Cruz. I was considerably more excited for our trip to Santa Cruz than I was for our first trip to (although it didn’t disappoint) Lake County. Santa Cruz doesn’t have a lot of wineries that are household names but it […]


Like most of Europe, restaurants in Santorini serve a house a white wine indicative of local plantings. Ask any waiter what the wine is and he’s sure to simply reply, “It’s a Greek wine.” Ask the grape and he will tell you it’s “a good one.” However, you can bet your Euros that it’s the […]

Lake County Road Trip

The first week of December Aubrey and I road tripped to Lake County. To be frank, my expectations were not high but I kept an open mind.  Before this trip, I had a few Lake County wines I wasn’t fond of, a few that were great, and none that I really remembered. A week prior […]