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These are articles for wine drinkers of all levels,
crossing a broad range of topics from food pairings to discovering wine regions and tips on tasting.
By Palate Club Ambassadors
Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.

Why it’s Hard to Shop for Organic Wine

You shop for organic products at the local farmer’s market and look for natural cleaning products. Maybe you choose recycled material for your clothing and avoid processed foods…But when it comes to wine, do you know what you’re putting in your body? You may have noticed that there is an empty void where the organic […]

Choosing the right Wine Temperature

This article was originally published on ilovewine.com Serving wine at certain temperatures isn’t just a matter of custom. Wine temperature affects how wine smells and tastes, so it’s important to choose the right temperature to enjoy the greatest depth of flavor. When wine is too cool, the nuances are lost and its flavors are muted. […]

5 Wines to Pair with the Winter Season

Cold nights and warm dishes call for flavorful wines. It may not be super cold where I’m at the moment (San Francisco) but all these winter dishes scream for some of my favorite ‘winter’ wines. You may be asking yourself what is a winter wine? During winter we crave dishes that are warm and rich […]

Stay Fit Without Cutting Out Drinks: 5 tips

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably still drinking a bit too much at times and wondering how you can trim down without having to sacrifice your favorite thing in the world, wine. Here are five straightforward and easy-to-follow tips on how you can enjoy your drinking life and not totally sabotage your health and […]

Holiday Wines

5 Wines For Holiday Dinners To pair a wine with your holiday dinner, you need something that is friendly. This is to say that you don’t want a wine that is too extreme in any direction, else it might offend the flavors of your delicious ham—or worse, your mother-in-law. Choose a wine pairing that is […]

You can drink wine to meditate

Too often it is overlooked as a means to drink. Yes, it is a fermented alcoholic beverage. We are in a work hard/play hard culture and a reward culture, as well. A glass of vino after a long day can be relaxing, but if you’re drinking to drink alone you may lose out on the […]

How to Pair Red Wine With Fish

We like to be rule breakers here. We’ve all heard the old wisdom- “red wine with red meat, white wine with fish.” The truth is, food & wine are much more complex than that! The spices you use, the method of cooking, even the type of fish or meat influences the pairing. While there is […]

Thanksgiving wines

5 wines for Thanksgiving dinner Game meats, sweet sauces, flavorful spices, savory vegetables, and butter… food lovers celebrate the seasonal dishes of Autumn for its comforting warmth and diversity of flavor. The apex of the season, the Thanksgiving feast, is a hodgepodge of nostalgic American dishes served to an equally eclectic group of people. The […]

How to tell When a Wine is Corked

how to tell when a wine is corked - wine tasting

“Corked” wine describes wine that has been tainted with the chemical compound TCA (2, 4, 6- trichloroanisole). The flaw is most easily detected by aromas of wet dog & cardboard on the nose and palate, rather than a smell of cork. Corked wine also fills the vibrancy and fruit on a wine.While both levels of […]