Wine & Weather: The Best Climate for Grapes

Have you ever wondered why wine is only made in certain regions around the world? [...]

Why Wine is Expensive: and why price matters

Why Wine is Expensive I didn’t come from a wine-drinking family. My mom only recently [...]

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio – What’s the Difference?

If you’re a white wine lover, and even if you’re not, chances are you’ve tasted [...]

Champagne 101 – Learn About Our Favorite Bubbly

Hey Champagne fans, need a little bubbles 101? Champagne is one of those more tricky [...]

How Long Does Wine Stay Fresh? Plus Helpful Tools

How Long Does Wine Stay Fresh And which tools you can use to make your [...]

Wine Preservation: How Long is Open Wine Good For?

After you open a bottle, how long is wine good for? This is the biggest [...]

Paso Robles Has Something for Everyone

Seeking out new wines always requires an open mind. We too are humans and carry [...]

Lake County Wineries Offer Unexpected Gems

The first week of December Aubrey and I took a road trip to explore Lake County [...]

Oak Aging – Why Is Wine Aged In Oak?

Some of the most captivating and celebrated wines around the world are made with oak [...]

Zinfandel – America’s Sweetheart with International Origins

Zinfandel Oh Zinfandel… America’s sweetheart grape. This juicy red is up there with Cabernet Sauvignon [...]

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