Real Talk About the Master Sommelier Exam

how to study for master sommelier exam

When I introduce myself to people with my professional credentials (Advanced Sommelier) I often get questions about what it’s like to study for the Master Sommelier Exam. This is a complex question to answer. People think it is glamorous to study for your Master Sommelier Exam; they are under the impression we drink champagne, talk […]

Yes, We Are Definitely Drinking F*%$ing Merlot

merlot, bordeaux, California Merlot, Washington Merlot

Merlot shared its glory days with the flashy 1990s, the Clinton years, and a strong economy. People loved it because it was generous, bold, dark- albeit the style at the time was somewhat obvious. It became the darling of the casual wine drinkers and took over grocery store shelves. Merlot plantings, easier to grow than […]

Lake County Wine Tasting Trip with Palate Club Sommeliers

Lake County Wine, wine tasting, lake county wine country

Located in the heart of Northern California, the Lake County wine region lies north of San Francisco Bay, about a two hours drive from the San Francisco bridge. The region is bordered by Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties on the west. Lake County’s higher elevation, volcanic soils, and unique climate make this region ideal for […]

Affordable Wine Alternatives to the World’s Most Iconic Wines

iconic wines, affordable wines, paso robles, bordeaux, champagne, cava

Good juice can break the bank, we know. The demand for iconic wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and Napa Cabernet is rising. Consequently, prices become all the more outrageous. Add to this issues like frost damage(2017 in France was hit hard), in which a smaller crop accentuates the issue of supply and demand. So, does […]

Campania Wines & Planning My Retirement Home

campania, aglianico, greco di tufo, falanghina

I touched on my trip to Campania briefly in an earlier blog about Lake County. Campania sets against the Tyrrhenian Sea in eastern Italy. It’s beautiful, picturesque landscape encompasses stunning white blue seas and cliffs dotted with colorful houses along the Amalfi Coast. I meandered through the province’s winding coastal roads on the way to […]

Barolo & Barbaresco Reign Supreme in Piedmont, Italy

Barolo Barbaresco Langhe Piedmont Italy

Piedmont is a dizzying gastronomic haven, rich in everything a gourmand can dream of, including truffles, mushrooms, and hazelnuts (RE: Nutella). On top of a plethora of culinary delights, there’s a wide range of enchanting red wines the likes of Barolo and Barbaresco, historical white wines, and even sweet, sparkling Moscato. The latter of which […]

Santa Cruz Wine Tasting Trip

Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Cruz wine country

Last week Aubrey and I left for our second Palate Club road trip to Santa Cruz. I was considerably more excited for our trip to Santa Cruz than I was for our first trip to Lake County. Santa Cruz doesn’t have a lot of wineries that are household names. However, the iconic Ridge and Bonny […]

Assyrtiko – White Wine from Santorini Greece

Assyrtiko Wines in Santorini, Greece

Like most of Europe, restaurants in Santorini serve a house a white wine made from the most prominent local grape. Ask any waiter what the wine is and he’s sure to simply reply, “It’s a Greek wine.” Ask about the grape and he will tell you it’s “a good one.” However, in Greece you can […]

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