Assyrtiko – White Wine from Santorini Greece

Assyrtiko Wines in Santorini, Greece

Like most of Europe, restaurants in Santorini serve a house a white wine made from the most prominent local grape. Ask any waiter what the wine is and he’s sure to simply reply, “It’s a Greek wine.” Ask about the grape and he will tell you it’s “a good one.” However, in Greece you can […]

How Casablanca Keeps it Fresh

Casablanca wines, Chilean wines

Check out our YouTube video on Casablanca! The development of Casablanca and San Antonio occurred seamlessly with the rising popularity of the fresher, brighter styles of wine. Both regions are included in the Aconcagua zone in Chile, although the climate is widely different than the hot, arid desert of the Aconcagua Valley. Founded in 1980 as […]

Wine, Science, Hospitality & Curiosity

Jennifer looking the sea

From Jennifer… My wine journey began with a glass of Chassagne-Montrachet in Tucson Arizona. I unenthusiastically moved to Tucson from my hometown Pittsburgh, PA when I was 20 because my parents transferred jobs. Both of my parents have PhDs and my father is also a Neurologist. I moved to Arizona planning to follow parental expectations; […]