How To Choose Wine

How To Choose Wine

Wine has the unique dichotomy of being considered a product of class and substance. Yet it’s often a sector often subjected to shallow marketing gimmicks. Most consumers choose wine based on the label. “I choose wine based on if I like the label, and then if don’t like it, I don’t buy it again,” says Sarah, […]

Wine Marketing Schemes: How to Spot the BS

How to NOT Fall for Bullsiht Wine Marketing Schemes

Have you noticed all the new, trendy, “healthy” wine clubs on the market today? These clubs are aimed at people who have been swept up by the modern day fitness obsession. They make bold statements, such as keto-friendly, sugar-free, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, low-carb, low-sulfite and vegan attached to an even bolder price tag.  How true are […]

Barossa Valley’s Legendary Old Vines

Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley in South Australia doesn’t exactly have the climate for quality winemaking. It’s hot with little cooling effects from altitude or ocean. Intense sunlight pounds the grapes into extreme sugar levels and ripeness. Nonetheless tourists flock every year to Barossa Valley, much like Napa Valley. The valley has become one of the world’s distinct […]

How to Taste Wine Like a Boss

How To Taste Wine

For many, tasting wine is usually the most impressive part of the role of sommeliers. It almost seems like magic how we find all of the intricate details of the the weather, the soil, the oak, the specific aromas. Blind tasting takes some training and it’s impressive when done well. Yet the key thing to […]

German Wine Labels Explained – Sprichst du Deutsch?

German wine labels, Riesling Kabinett

Sprichst du Deutsch? In true German fashion, wine laws have been placed to make the system more efficient and less elusive. An entire guidebook to the bottle is placed on German wine labels. Unlike the loose labeling laws set by the American Viticulture Association, theoretically you should know exactly what you’re getting into when you […]

How to Plan a Trip to Wine Country… in Any Country

how to plan a trip to wine country

Since we began our journey as Palate Club Ambassadors back in November, Aubrey and I have traveled all over California and made a quick stop in Washington. We leave in three days for two weeks in Australia, our first international wine destination. Our mission is to document different Australian wine regions through photo and video. […]

Corked Wine: How to Tell When a Wine is Corked

corked wine, wine faults, wine corks, tca

What is Corked Wine? Corked wine describes wine tainted with the chemical compound TCA (2, 4, 6- trichloroanisole). The flaw is most easily detected by aromas of wet dog or wet cardboard on the nose and palate of the wine. It’s more difficult to detect this smell on the cork. TCA mutes the vibrancy and […]

An Intro to Terroir for Anyone Who Hates a Certain Grape

Wine terroir, wine climate, wine region

Have you ever said that you hate to drink a Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay? You’re not alone. Many people have had bad experiences with certain wines. We actually applaud you for drinking what you like (that’s kind of our thing!). But you know how you always hated that one vegetable until you had […]

Decanting Wine vs. Aerating Wine: Learn What Works Best

decanting wine vs aerating wine

Let’s discuss decanting wine vs. aerating wine. This is a conversation I have often with friends who are not in the wine industry. To keep it short and sweet, both decanting and aerating can serve a similar purpose. However, decanting is my preferred method. The shared purpose is to increase the surface area of the […]

Mindfulness and Wine: The Ultimate Sensory Experience

wine and mindfulness

Wine is the ultimate sensory experience. One glass can simultaneously express history, agriculture, food, science, geography, climate, soil, language, culture, smell, taste, and sex. Too often it is overlooked as a means to jolly folly and drinkery. Yes, it is a fermented alcoholic beverage (I myself have had many a starry-eyed night from one too […]

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