Irresistible Chocolate and Wine Pairings to Make Your Heart Swoon

Chocolate and wine are two of life’s greatest indulgences. They’re also two of the most popular ingredients for a romantic Valentine’s Day. According to The Daily Meal, Americans purchase 58 million pounds of chocolate in the seven days leading up to February 14th! That’s a lot of chocolate. Whether you’re grabbing that cheesy heart-shaped box or […]

Is Wine Good for You? These Are The 5 Healthiest Wines

Is wine good for you?

Wine has been a part of international cultures since we figured out fermentation makes grape juice more fun. We’ve come a long way since then. According to OIV in their last State of the World Vitiviniculture report, we consumed an estimated 244 million hectoliters of wine globally in 2019! Yes, that’s a lot. Perhaps while […]

Which Wine to Pair with Inauguration Day

Between riots, impeachment, and a national divide, you might be feeling like you need something substantial to get you through the 2021 Inauguration Circus. The right drink pairing for January 20th needs to be strong, bold-flavored, and American. California Cabernet Sauvignon When I was first studying wine, my teacher—a sassy General Manager at a 2-Michelin-starred […]

Best New Wine Regions – 2021 Edition

Best New Wine Regions - Tasmania

It wasn’t so long ago that Napa Valley was the wild, wild, West of the wine world. Vintage restaurant wine lists invariably showcased Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and maybe some Mosel wine. It only took the infamous 1976 blind tasting in Paris to put Napa beside the world’s best wine regions. Our taste for wine ballooned to […]

Best Wine Pairing for Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie season is an exciting time in America where we put off losing that holiday weight to indulge in some of favorite—and hard to come by—cookies. After an entrepreneurial eight-year-old convinced you stock up on six or seven boxes of Thin Mints, you might be feeling so proud to have supported a good […]

Super Bowl Snacks & Wine Pairings for Game Day

No matter which team you’re rooting for on America’s biggest game day, everyone wins with delicious Super Bowl snacks. Between queso, buffalo wings, sliders, chips, and more, there’s endless delectable options to choose from. Why not make this Super Bowl Sunday even tastier with the perfect wine pairings to match? Whether you crushed dry January or not, […]

Why Dry January Didn’t Work: Wine & Moderation

Didn’t Make it Through Dry January? December’s cookies and cocktails lead to a bloated and exhausted January. The concept of “Dry January” is a pledge to stay sober for one month to start the year off on a healthier note. People report weight loss, clearer thinking, more energy—it all sounds rosy on January 1st when […]