Best Wine Pairing for Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie season is an exciting time in America where we put off losing that holiday weight to indulge in some of favorite—and hard to come by—cookies. After an entrepreneurial eight-year-old convinced you stock up on six or seven boxes of Thin Mints, you might be feeling so proud to have supported a good cause that you deserve a glass of wine too.

Dessert wine pairings are more complicated, as the sweets can make your wine taste unpleasantly dry. As a former Scout myself, I’ve carefully revisited some of the most popular cookies to provide a sure-fire Wine Pairing Guide for the most popular Girl Scout cookies.

Thin Mints + Shiraz

Shiraz’s plush fruit with soft mint aroma make it a great choice for the most infamous of Girl Scout cookies.

Try Earth Works Barossa Shiraz

Samoas + Merlot

Crunchy, sweet, coconut wrapped in chocolate…the Samoa (play on Some More’a) needs a loud wine to stand beside it. I like it with a New World Merlot—fruity, round, and a hint of coconut and chocolate to match my favorite Girl Scout cookie.

Try Kiona Vineyards Merlot from Washington—one of my favorite red wines!


This peanut butter and oatmeal cookie named after a Country jig tastes great with an Amontillado Sherry. The nutty, toffee aromas in the fortified wine compliment the subtle sweetness.

Try Lustau Amontillado


This cookie’s tartness made for a tricky pairing. I like Lemon Drops with a deep, fruity rose, which creates a lovely Fruity Loops-inspired combination.

Try DeMorgenzon “DMZ” Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé from Stellenbosch


Zinfandel is the best wine pairing for this Girl Scout cookie because it has all the ripe, jammy berry fruit to play off the Tagalong’s peanut butter goodness like a PP & J sandwich. Learn more about Zinfandel here.

Try Edmeades Zinfandel from California


One of the Girl Scout’s more delicate offerings, match this buttery cookie with a buttery Napa Chardonnay for a voluptuous afternoon treat. Learn more about Chardonnay here.

Try Copain “Les Voisins” Chardonnay

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